The time of year has come again where I get to tell you all about my amazing best friend. Today is her birthday and she is 23, and everyone knows that no one likes you when you’re 23, but I sure do like her. Krissy has been there for me when no one was, when I thought I couldn’t get up, and when I was at my highest points. I have worn enemy colors for her, called Art Van, stayed up all night and gone on some crazy trips. For the last 7 or so years we have been on one crazy, amazing, full of love adventure. 

I don’t know what my life would be without her. 

And I never will.

Today she told me that her birthday wish is for everyone else to have a great day <3 I love her and her amazing heart. 

So here’s to Krissy, my best friend, “girlfriend”, love, and so much more. Happy Birthday my dear. I hope that today is beyond amazing for you.

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